An Illustrated A-Z Self Help Book


     John Hanney has owned, operated and repaired motorcycles from the age of fourteen. His first motorcycle at that time was a 1957 Harley Davidson FLH1200 police model. Since that time and to date he has owned 27 personal motorcycles. From an early age he developed a love of the sport, and that passion for motorcycles eventually led him into the business.
     A few years after graduating from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, he started The Bike Yard Motorcycle Shop in Toronto. Since the opening of The Bike Yard in 1984, he has owned and sold hundreds of reconditioned motorcycles and serviced thousands of customerís machines.
     Being acutely aware of the common problems faced by new and experienced motorcycle owners from many years of providing service and advice, the need for a good general information handbook became apparent.
     As a licensed motorcycle mechanic, shop owner and long time rider who has ridden well over a million miles, and answered almost that many questions, the author is uniquely qualified to assemble this handbook of practical knowledge.
     It is his sincere hope that this book will contribute to a more safe, economical and enjoyable motorcycling experience. We Accept Visa