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The Motorcycle Handbook
John Hanney B.Sc.


Comprised of information accumulated over twenty five years as a motorcycle enthusiast, and shop owner, The Motorcycle Handbook by John Hanney B.Sc. is a nicely done spiral bound reference book encapsulating the author's considerable knowledge and experience into 122 pages of tips and general information on motorcycle maintenance, repair, and etc. The author is quick to caution readers against relying solely on this book, but instead suggests they use it as a general reference and starting point. Indeed, even the model specific shop manuals occasionally leave out crucial details, either assuming the reader already knows, or just forgetting, so it never hurts to have as many references around as possible. Written in an informal style, and organized as an encyclopedia, the Handbook lends itself easily to reference use, but it is also an enjoyable read for just picking up general knowledge.

Reading through the Handbook I found tons of general maintenance and repair information I already knew, but the information was extremely well organized and succinctly covered. If this was all this book had to offer me, I would still want to have it around, because I have so much of this kind of information rattling around in my head, that a comprehensive reference like this is handy. But there is so much more in The Motorcycle Handbook, including tips on detailing, security, and buying a used bike. The section on used bikes even includes common things to look out for in certain models. One of my favorite sections was the one that explains how to repair plastic body work. For riders without a lot of technical knowledge, the Handbook's conversational style is un-intimidating and easy to read. Caution alerts and safety reminders throughout the book tell the reader when a job could be potentially dangerous or damaging if performed improperly. Much of the information covered is basic stuff every motorcyclist should know, so it is definitely worth at least a skim before relegating it to your bookshelf for reference use.

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