Hard Starting After Winter Storage

When you first put your bike away in the Fall, if you did all the right things to prepare it for storage, you should have have little trouble in getting it started and ready for a new season of riding. It is common for the engine to resist starting initially after a storage period though. Some possible reasons for this are:

Additional thoughts:

A very long storage period (over six months) may have caused the carb internals to gum up, possibly plugging the jets or sticking one or more float valves in an open or closed position.

Some other mechanical or electrical problem may be causing a loss of fuel or spark to reach the engine.

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In a nutshell, here is a general method of approaching the problem when your bike won’t start after winter storage. Note that longer periods of storage may have caused carburetor problems which will require attention before the bike is started.

This method generally works well for initial starting, and after the bike has run for a few minutes it should restart easily.

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John Hanney