Spider Webs In Bar Switches

It sounds strange, but actually this is a common problem on bikes that have been stored for a while. If you have a problem with the starter button, horn, headlight or kill switch and it worked fine before storage, you might want to open up the switch and have a look inside.

There are usually two screws holding the switch housing together, and inside there will be one or more individual switches which can be carefully disassembled for inspection. Or if you donít want to risk losing any small switch parts, you might try spraying some contact or brake cleaner into the switch and blowing it dry with compressed air.

Most bar switches can be tested with an ohmmeter at the end plug to determine if there is a problem before you get into any disassembly. If some component related to the bar switches is not working properly it is easier and cheaper to check for a problem with the switches first before getting into testing the components and possibly misdiagnosing a problem.

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John Hanney